Synapse brings to you the next generation of tests for Women. Packages are customized according to age

  •   Women are screened for cervical cancer by a special liquid based PAP smear.
  • The platinum package includes a “Well Women’s Test” for Liquid based Cytology and Screening for the Human Papilloma Virus DNA. HPVinfection is a precursor of cervical cancerand direct detection of HPV DNA in cervical specimens is complement to /an alternative for screening and prevention of cervical cancer.
  • Women above 50 are screened for Bone health, “Osteoporosis profile” which tests for markers like Serum Calcium and Vitamin D.

Synapse Diagnostics

  • Synapse Cytopathology services are provided by our trained pathologist.
  • Report is provided with a rapid turnaround time.
  • We follow the Certified Bethesda System of reporting.
  • Recommendations for HPV testing and suggested follow up are provided on reports.