Down’s syndrome also called Trisomy 21 or T21. Every woman at pregnancy time has to go for screening for Down’s syndrome; entirely the cells of our body are tiny structures which are called as called chromosomes (DNA). Chromosomes convey the genetic material to determine how they grow. Chromosomes (genetic material) contain 23 pairs in each cell.

Problem occurs when extra cells are produced which can lead to a child takes extra chromosome. It disturbs about 1 for every 1000 children. Every single child with Down’s syndrome has ill – health, but the point of disability depends upon the child. For few it is mild, for few of the children it is severe.

If your unborn child is diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, he/she might have,

Down's syndrome test

  • Unattached joints and muscles
  • A particular fold that goes through her palms
  • Visualization and hearing difficulties
  • A weakness to infections
  • A lower than ordinary birth weight
  • Problems with digestion
  • Mental disability
  • Cardiac problems

Why children are born through Down’s syndrome?

  • Down’s syndrome takes place, when babies take over extra genomic material from his/her paternities. In furthermost cases, we don’t recognize why this happens.

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