Synapse provides a full range of investigation and options for early screening in pregnancy. These tests are vital to monitor the pregnancy and also screen the baby early for disorders.

Pregnant patients and especially above 35 are at higher risk of chromosomal disorders like Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13) and Edward syndrome (Trisomy 18). In the past, age alone was used as a screening tool for prenatal diagnostic procedures like amniocentesis.

With advances in medicine newer tests provide more accurate and reliable risk estimates and even a second level of DNA investigations for detection of abnormalities early in pregnancy.

Prenatal Screening: First Trimester & Second Trimester Screening

First Trimester Screening between 10-13 weeks gestation: – FTS for fetal abnormalities includes a combination of serum (blood) tests, age, and ultrasound measurements (Nuchal Translucency Screening (NTS) which is now considered as a standard screening test. Combinations of ultrasound and biochemical screening tests have higher detection rates than either test used alone.

Second trimester screen is done between 15-18 weeks of gestation and risk assessment performed incorporating maternal age and using a certified software.

The combined first trimester maternal screening with second trimester maternal serum testing is also known as step-wise sequential screening.

  • Antenatal Packages

Keeping in  line with our goal of Advancing Maternal and Infant Health as priority we have distinctinctive antenatal health screening packages.

  • Mother &  Child: Health Assesment Packages.

 Our Jasmine, Marigold and Rose “Mother and Child health Packages” cater specially to the  to the In Vitro Fertility Client and provides assesments  from the time of conception  to tests to the delivery.  They not only inlcude  special screening for the parents or  egg / sperm donors but also packages for maternal health assesment and  the new born infant.