How is it treated?

Hepatitis B treatment

People with rigorous hepatitis B do not involve treatment. Treatment is the only suggested for people with chronic hepatitis B, especially those who based on person’s age, general health.

It also depends on when the person,

  • Have been just infected with the virus.
  • Have the symptoms of a severe infection.
  • Have chronic illness.

The long term wellbeing and worth of hepatitis B treatment is unknown. In choosing which antiviral agent to use as the first line therapy, contemplation should be given to the safety and usefulness of treatment, risks of drug resistance, costs of the treatment together with the medicines themselves, monitoring tests and clinic visits, as well as patient and provider preferences for women when they plan to start a family.

  • Although the efficacy of pegylated interferon-alfa is not substantially better than standard interferon, pegylated interferon boasts a more convenient dosing schedule (once weekly versus daily). In addition, patients using either form of interferon should be monitored closely while on treatment.
  • Combining two or more drugs has worked well for hepatitis B and is considered a logical approach for the treating of hepatitis B. However, none of the combination treatment tests has proved superior to single cause treatment.

Treatment thought for HBV varies depending on whether the infection is severe or chronic. Always consult the healthcare source for specific advice and treatment option.


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