Our Wellness Screening Packages provide options for basic and advanced screening with add on sensitive screens for more detailed assessments.

The profiles include heart risk factors, pre diabetes and diabetes screen, liver and kidney function, cancer markers andinfectious diseases screen.

You may choose from our Silver, Gold or Diamond Packages.

Special Packages are designed to cater for women and men of different age groups to identify disorders and disease risk predisposition in the age category.

Women may be screened for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)DNA which is associated with Cervical Cancer and Men screened for prostate cancer.


  • Full Blood examination with Hemogram (All Blood Indices)
  • Renal Function Tests; To Test for Kidney disease
  • Liver Function Tests: To test for Liver disease
  • Cardiovascular System: To test for good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and markers for obesity which assess risk for heart disease and hypertension.
  • Diabetes screen; To test for blood sugar level and also risk identification of “pre diabetes” for diabetes type 2 prevention.
  • Urine screen: Aid to asses liver, kidney function, diabetes, infections and related disorders.
  • Infection: Screen for common infections like Hepatitis B and vaccine recommendations
  • Extended screen for additional infection like Hepatitis C Virus/ HIV ½
  • Thyroid function: To test the endocrine system for metabolism
  • Cancer Screen: For Cancers of Intestine, Stomach, Pancreas, Breast (Women)


Women are screened for cervical cancer by a special liquid based PAP smear.

The platinum package includes a “Well Women’s Test” for Liquid based Cytology and Screening for the Human Papilloma Virus DNA. HPVinfection is a precursor of cervical cancerand direct detection of HPV DNA in cervical specimens is complement to /an alternative for screening and prevention of cervical cancer.

Women above 50 are screened for Bone health, “Osteoporosis profile” which tests for markers like Serum Calcium and Vitamin D.