Synapse is a Medical Laboratory Chain with strategic focus on implementation and development of reference technologies for health care testing. Through its network of operations and laboratories Synapse has established its presence in South East Asia at Hyderabad India, Malaysia, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Synapse Diagnostics laboratory Hyderabad brings the latest and up-to-date models of health screening, testing and affordable diagnostics.


To facilitate the next generation in Laboratory medicine for Diagnostics, Therapeutics & Prognostication. We provide Niche Markers and Molecular (DNA / RNA) tests in combination with Heath Screening Packages.


To promote wellness through prevention screening early detection and diagnostics through testing technology that gives our clients the benefit of quality & newer diagnostic solutions.   


To reinforce “Maternal and Infant Health” with the ultimate aim of improving a Healthy Outcome of Pregnancy for Holistic Wellness of Mother and Child.

Synapse Diagnostics PVT LTD
Plot no: 101, Shakti Sai complex, Chapel Road, Opposite public gardens,Hyderabad
 Phone Number: +91 9948175768