Tuberculosis   Synapse Diagnostics
The Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory provides testing for Infectious Diagnostics and Genetic Tests.

Synapse partners with the IPAQT Initiative for Promoting Affordable and Quality TB tests and the World Health Organization through the      STOP TB Initative to provide affordable rapid and sensitive tests for Tuberculosis PCR and  resistance testing.

Kindly contact Synapse Laboratory for Special Concessional Rates for Tuberculosis PCR and Resistance testing under the


 Synapse introduces a MultiPathogen DNA / RNA test for Genitourinary and Reproductive infections.

  •        Chlamydia trachomatis
  •        Neisseria gonorrhea
  •        Trichomonasvaginalis
  •        Mycoplasma genitalum
  •        Mycoplasma hominis
  •        Ureaplasmaurealyticum

Specimen: Urine (Male and female), Liquid Based Cytology: Female